Oracle EBS

Problem I R12 E-Business Suite Output Post Processor (OPP) Fails To Pick Up Concurrent Requests With Error
‘Unable to find an Output Post Processor service to post-process request nnnnn’

After cloning from prod to UAT getting above error

solution :
Purge the FND_CP_GSM_OPP_AQTBL manually to clean up the table

check count
select count(*) from applsys.FND_CP_GSM_OPP_AQTBL ;


As sys user
po.block := FALSE;
queue_table => ‘APPLSYS.FND_CP_GSM_OPP_AQTBL’,
purge_condition => NULL,
purge_options => po);

select count(*) from applsys.FND_CP_GSM_OPP_AQTBL ;


Problem II R12 E-Business Suite Workflow services are down

Solution – Restart Workflow manager

Login to System Administrator and navigate to Workflow Manager on Oracle Applications Manager

Scroll down and select Service Components

Stop all running process and start again

(Only process stopped by us need to start(i.e only start process with “User Deactivated”)

If any process status is system Abounded etc (for example if Workflow Notification Mailer is stopped and is not restarting.  When trying to Start the Workflow Notification Mailer  get the error “The Service Component Container is not running.), then do the below before starting the process from the console

Important below steps only to do if Process for the WorkFlow services was hung and could not restart

Login to Application server with EBS application OS User
[idon@prodapps1 scripts]$ cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME
[idon@prodapps1 scripts]$ pwd

Stop the concurrent managers with the script
./ stop
wait for some time, make sure there are no active FNDSM processes
ps -ef |grep FNDSM
ps -ef|grep FNDLIBR
if process are still then use os command to kill “kill -9 “
Start the concurrent managers back
./ start

ps -ef |grep FNDSM
ps -ef|grep FNDLIBR

once services are up start start from the console

Problem III – 12 EBS forms not loading J2SE plugin not recognized on internet explorer IE